Restoring your Peachtree Accounting Data

There are three options here, it depends on if you are able to open your company within Peachtree.  Depending upon how damaged your existing files where, you may not be able to open your company.  The "Unable to Determine Security Privileges" error normally will not allow you to open your company's data file.  In that case you need to use option 2 or 3.  If you are able to open the damaged companies data then use option 1. 

Always perform some type of backup prior to restoring or overwriting files.

You may already have a backup of you sent the files to DataSoft.  Never overwrite any files without knowing you have a good copy of the files.  Never think it will be alright because it won't, thats the way the world works.

Each step outlines how to perform a backup of directory copy.

Option 1 - If you can open your damaged company in Peachtree
Option 2 - If you cannot open your damaged company in Peachtree and are using Windows XP or greater.
Option 3 - If you cannot open your damaged company in Peachtree and are not using Windows XP/Vista.

Option 1 - Restoring using Peachtree Accounting Software

Always perform a new backup prior to restoring any files.  Use the Backup option within Peachtree's File Menu.  Make the new backup filename contain a reference to the company, some action that is being performed and today's date. 
Example: DataSoftBeforeRestoreFixed010107

After you have completed your backup, select the File, Restore option from the Peachtree Menu.  Navigate to where you saved the fixed file.  Example: C:\DataSoftFixed  Select your fixed file and follow the screen prompts.  After you have restored your fixed data verify your information by printing reports and checking balances.

Option 2 - Restoring Using Winzip or Microsoft File Compression Software

Before you start you should always reboot the computer where the damaged Peachtree Company's data file reside.  This will free any OS locks that maybe on the files.  Then make a copy of the  existing damaged Peachtree Company's data subdirectory.  Make a new directory/folder off the root on C: named DamagedPeachtreeFiles and copy the damaged subdirectory into this directory.  After a week or so, you then may delete this directory if desired.  This is a safety method.

If your are using Windows XP or greater, Microsoft has included file decompress software for you.  To make this feature easy to use change the file extension on your fixed download.  Normally when you receive your fixed file from DataSoft it will have the extension of .ptb (Peachtree Backup File).  PTB files are actually Compressed Zipped Files, so renaming then from .ptb to .zip will do the trick. 

Before Rename

After Rename

After you have renamed the file extension, you then double click on the file to open it up.

Select Select All from the Edit Menu

Select Copy To Folder... from the Edit Menu

Use the Copy Item Dialog, navigate to the location of your damaged Peachtree Company's data files.  Click the subdirectory and click Copy.  You will be prompted to overwrite files, you want to overwrite the bad files. 
We are unable to tell you the exact location of your company's data file.  They can be stored in about any location.  You will need to check with your  Computer Administrator.

You are now finished.  Close any open windows and start to work with your repaired data.  :-)