DS Studio

A new design in reporting

DSStudio is a Sage 50 and Peachtree Accounting Report and Document creation software.
It also works with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and SQL Server.
DSStudio allows you to execute custom reports, list and perform mail merges with your Sage 50 data.
Shaping your data with this tool provides endless possibilities.
DSStudio does not require Sage Business Intelligence or Crystal Reports.

 DS Studio Pro Version Contains the following Component
DSSpreadSheetDSSnap | DSReport Viewer | DSPDF Viewer

DSStudio Reports DSSnap Exporting DSSpreadsheet DSPDFViewer Microsoft Excel Export CSV Export Access MS SQL
Reports DS Snap Exporting Spread Sheets PDF Excel CSV MS Access MSSQL/MYSQL Server
Connects to Sage 50, Peachtree Accounting, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, CSV Files, Microsoft SQL Server and My SQL Databases and DataSources.  View some of the Report Types

Powerful creative tools

Express your company in different ways.
  Email Thank You letters to your new customers. 
Email or Send your promotions.  Request quotes from your vendors. 

 DSSnap | Page by Page Emailing

Designed for Power

Take your daily invoices and email them to your customers.  All at once!  No more printing one by one.  Just send them all at once.  Our new Page by Page Email feature allows you to email Reports and Documents to anyone you choose with just a few clicks.
View some of the Report Types

DS Studio Email Invoices

Advanced Features

It can be done!

Taking a photos within your reporting software is something crazy, right?  How about working with multiple Sage 50 companies in the same report, or combine data from multiple datasources in the same report?

We support many different databases including non database products like Excel and CSV files.

Let us create custom Sage 50 Reports to streamline your business neeeds.


DS Studio Photos in Reports