DataSoft is the Industry Leader in Peachtree / Sage 50 Accounting Software Data Recovery


DataSoft has been providing superior Peachtree Accounting / Sage 50 Data File Recovery and File Repair Services for the past 25 years. Our file repair and recovery rate is the highest in the industry. Over 98% of our customers receive 100% of their data back. No one else can make this claim.

The process is easy, there is no wasted time requesting quotes or waiting for a technician to return your call. The complete process is handled here on our secure website. If you wish to speak to one of our technicians they are available for 9:00am - 8:00pm Eastern time, seven days a week. Peachtree / Sage 50

Accounting recovery services are billed at a flat rate, with our priority service available at no extra charge. Every data recovery service is our top priority and we will expedite our recovery efforts to have you up and running again in no time. Same day service with no extra hidden charges and with a 98% rate at 100% recovery we truly are the best.

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General Errors
At least one damaged transaction has been found in account
Balance off, out of balance errors
Conversion problems
Data belongs to another company
Data Verification errors
Error reading general file for module 4
Failed Read XXXX records (too many)
File system error 100
File system error 13
File system error 6
General File for Module 4 error
Missing transactions
Module 4 errors
One or more damaged transactions in period ??
One or more data files in this company's directory belong to a different company
Showlistview Exception in List Areas
SmartPosting Errors / Posting Fails
Unable to convert company to newer version
Unable to determine security privileges
Unable to open company
I/O Errors
Error 54
Error 57
I/O Error in file JRNLHDR.DAT
I/O Error in file JRNLROW.DAT
I/O Error in variable length part of record
I/O errors in jrnlhdr.dat, jrnlrow.dat, customer.dat, etc.
System Errors
Btrieve error 54
Company data belongs to a different company
Errors in jrnlhdr, jrnlrow, customer, vendor, etc
Failed to load resources from resource file.
Footing errors
Inventory evaluation balance is incorrect
Unable to close fiscal period

What about my Company's Information and Data Security?

We understand your concerns about the information you provide us. Here is what we do to protect your information and your data:
  • Any information you provide us on this site is secure.  When information is being transferred from your computer to ours we use a secure connection.  Look for the lock icon on your web browser.
  • PCI Security Standards.
  • Your Company's data is completely deleted from our system after about 3 days.  We retain your data in case you have problems downloading your repaired file or if you have any questions.
  • If your company requires a NonDisclosure Agreement you are welcome to Email the document to our office.    Also when you submit your contact information there will be an agreement that you may print for your records.  This agreement serves as a NonDisclosure for most companies.

How the Peachtree / Sage 50 Data Recovery Service works

  • Package up your damaged Peachtree company data files. Instructions may be found here.  If you need additional help please contact us, we provide Free Secure Remote Assistance with all our data services.
  • Complete your contact and billing information on our secure website.
  • Upload your packaged Peachtree company data to our secure site.
  • In about 2 - 6 hours, depending on workload, the size of your data and the amount of damage, you will receive an email notified you that your Peachtree data is ready.
  • Download your repaired data from our secure site.
  • Restore your data using Peachtree's Restore or uncompress/unzip the data to the original directory.  If you need any assistance with this step, our technicians are able to securely access your computer and assist you.
  • You are not charged for our service unless your data has been repaired.

We work with all Versions of Sage 50 and Peachtree Accounting Software this includes:

  • Sage 50 Premium
  • Sage 50 Quantum
  • Sage 50 Pro
  • Sage 50 Accountant Edition
  • Peachtree Pro Accounting
  • Peachtree Premium Accounting
  • Peachtree Manufacturing
  • Peachtree Distribution
  • Peachtree NonProfit
  • Peachtree Construction
  • Peachtree Quantum