DSStudio Installation

DSStudio Software install is provided to you as a download. 

Once you have received the download link from either our Report Store or our Sales Department you may start the installation process.

The software pretty much installs itself, there are a few simple questions along the way but mostly this is great time relax and enjoy the beverage of your choice.

Once the installation process is complete, DSStudio will be up and running on your desktop. 

Click on the Preferences Tile on the left side of DSStudio Application Window.

From there you should setup a few items before you can start using our  product.  I would leave the Report and System Directory locations as is.  This is only if you wish to move them somewhere else or your system has a permission issues with the default location.

If this is the first time you installed DSStudio you will see that your Viewer ID is blank.  We will register this product later.  So continue on with enter your Default Company Connection and Email SMTP Server information.


Preferences Screen

DSStudio Set Preferences

If you are planning to use DSStudio to send emails, you will need to complete the Email SMTP Server Screen.  If you have questions about the values of these fields contact your system administrator or your email provider.  More SMTP Setup Help

The next tab is the Default Company Connection.  You may establish your primary company when working with reports for the first time.  It is advised you complete this screen or certain features will not function within DSStudio.

DSStudio Perfs Screen 2

Click the Save Button and you will goto the main area of the program.  If this is the first time you installed DSStudio or noticed that your Viewer ID was blank, we need to register the product prior to use.

Click the DSStudio Online Tile on the left.  In the upper right hand corner click Login,  Use the Email Address and Password you specified when you order your reports or products.  Once logged in click the Update my View ID License in the upper left hand corner.  If all goes as planned you should receive an message that your DSStudio Viewer ID has been updated.  You have now completed the full installation process.  Browse around DSStudio on-line, there are samples, free assets, ideas and more.  You can also purchase reports and other assets online and they will automatically be download and installed for you.