ACH / ERP Bank Interface Integration

Need to integrate with your bank / financial institution for ACH / ERP system with Sage 50 or Peachtree Accounting? 

We provide solutions for:

How does this works

Your bank / financial institution will provide you with a format for the upload file.  These specifications are normally standard NACHA format or may be bank specific.

We work with you to determine which of transactions will be included in the upload file. This includes transaction types, date range and or additional selection criteria.

Our software is an stand alone program that integrates with Sage 50 or Peachtree Accounting to gather and format the information for upload file.  You are in control of which transactions are transferred and allowed to remove any transactions prior to uploading the ACH file.  We also provide you with the capability to automatically transfer the upload file directly to the financial institution.

How do I get started

You first need to contact your financial institution to obtain the file format specifications.  They will provide you with a NACHA / ACH File Upload Specification PDF.  You will also have to discuss with them details of which type of records/transactions you will be transferring.  Different record formats are used depending upon which type of transactions you are uploading.

If you wish to have our software automatically upload the file, we would need the FTP or file transfer specifications.  This normally includes a server address and login requirements.  We do not need your actual login information (User name/ Password),  just what their system requirements are to gain access to their system.

Regarding Security

DataSoft does not need to know any account numbers, routing numbers, user name or passwords.  Our software will prompt you for this information.  If you have multiple accounts or multiple financial institutions you have the ability to change this information within the  software.