Technical Documents

CollapseCategory: Accounts Payable
  Vendor ID that was automatically created already exists in Peachtree
CollapseCategory: Accounts Receivables
  Customer Statements do not match the aging report
  Handling Customer Non-sufficient Funds (NSF) check
  Prepayments become detached after Data Verification
  Write off an invoice in Accounts Receivable as a bad debt?
CollapseCategory: General
  Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable Aging Reports does not match my GL account balance
  Delete an Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable Transaction but the Delete button is grayed out
  New periods could not be assigned
  Peachtree 2007 Runtime Error Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
  Separating Data Fields in Delimited Files Using Microsoft Excel 5.0 or greater
  Unreconciled difference in my Account Reconciliation
  Windows 10 - 4K monitor Sage 50 2018 Screen Size and Fonts not correct
CollapseCategory: General Ledger
  Account number does not foot in period number
  At least one damaged transaction has been found in account XXX in the period beginning XX/XX/XX.
  Chart of Account (General Ledger) Beginning Balances
  How do I enter Beginning Balances in my Chart of Accounts?
  Understanding General Ledger Beginning Balances
  What do the columns on the historical screen represent
CollapseCategory: System
  Excel button in Peachtree is grayed out
  File Definitions - Peachtree Accounting Windows
  How do I change the datapath and/or program path
  Import/Export Trouble Shooting G/L
  Importing Tips
  Optimizing Peachtree's Performance
  Peachtree Accounting INI File Names
  Rebuilding an Existing Peachtree Accounting Company
CollapseCategory: System Errors
  Btrieve Error 54 or I/O error
  Btrieve Initialization failed Error 20
  Command Failed errors while running Data Verification or Inventory Sync Test
  File System Error 3 or 95
  File System Error 35
  General File for Module 4 Error
  General Protection Faults, Dr. Watson errors
  Lock Table Full or handle table is full
  Peachtree / Sage 50 Unable to determine security privileges
  Peachtree Files Access Denied
  Peachtree stops responding after you upgraded to newer version
  Peachtree Unable to restore backup
  Troubleshooting I/O Errors
CollapseCategory: Utilities
  Import/Export buttons grayed "Disabled"
  Peachtree - Import Order