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Logout Users - User Login Manager

How to Log out Users in Sage 50 Accounting Software. 

Warning! You should be very careful when logging out users. It's a good idea to make sure users aren't in the middle of doing something before you log them out. In most cases, whatever process a user is doing will be stopped and the user will be logged out. However, there may be some cases where the process cannot be stopped and the user is not logged out. Good communication is the key to preventing issues when logging out users.


You can choose to log out users immediately or to send them a message giving them a chance to save their work. If you choose to send a notification to users, they will receive a popup message in Sage 50 within the time range you specify. You can also specify the minimum amount of time that users will be locked out and notify them of that as well.

Getting to the Logout Options window

  1. From the Maintain menu, select Users, then User Login Manager.
  2. Select the Logout Options button.

Notification Message: Sage 50 supplies a standard notification message. You can change it if you like; there are 255 characters available for the message.

Sage 560 User Login Manager

Set Log Out Duration: You can specify the minimum length of time that users will be locked out. The lock out period may be longer if a single user process is running after the specified length of time. If you have selected to send the users a notification message, you can also include information about the length of time they will be locked out.

Note: The log out duration only applies to users who do not have administrative access.

Tip: If you have set the log out duration longer than necessary, you can return to the User Login Manger screen to allow users to log in again.

You have to have special security rights to log out users. This option can be given to a user in User Security, available from the Maintain, Users menu. The Administrator user can always log out other users.

User Login Manager User Roles Sage50 





In this case, there are only two options--either Full Access (you can log people out) or No Access.



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