Assigning your Sage 50 Company to a DSStudio Report Object

Each Report is assigned to a Company or Database.  If you have multiple Sage 50 Company's you can copy a report and assign each report copy to a different Company.

To copy a report right-click on it and select Copy Report.

Steps on assigning your Sage 50 Company to a DSStudio Report Object.

  1. Click the Options button on the lower right hand of the Report, you wish to assign.  
  2. Click the Data Connection Icon in the Action Column. 
  3. Enter the Sage 50 database connection information and click Finish. 
  4. Select the Report Settings Tab.  In the Report Description Textbox append your company name so you are able to identify which Company the Report is assigned to.
  5. Click Save & Exit to save your changes and return to the report view. 

DSStudio Main Screen



DSStudio Report Settings Screen
DSStudio Connection Screen Save