Draw Cross-Band Lines and Boxes

This document explains the basics of using cross-band controls and describes their main features.

Cross-band controls are used to draw lines and rectangles through several bands, as opposed to LineShape and XRPanel controls that can be used only within a single band.

The following two cross-band controls are available.

  • XRCrossBandLine allows for the drawing of vertical lines, which are not restricted to a particular band. For example, it can be used to emphasize a report section consisting of multiple band areas.
  • XRCrossBandBox allows for the drawing of rectangles through several bands. It can be used to encompass a report section consisting of multiple band areas.

To add a cross-band control to the report, drag the appropriate control from the toolbox tab and drop it onto the report's area.

At runtime, to specify the bands at which a cross-band control starts and ends its drawing, use the following properties.

  • XRCrossBandControl.StartBand - determines the band from which a cross-band control starts its drawing.
  • XRCrossBandControl.EndBand - determines the band where a cross-band control finishes its drawing.

And to specify the control's coordinates (measured in report units) within these bands, use the following properties.

  • XRCrossBandControl.StartPointF - determines the starting point where the cross-band controls starts to draw.
  • XRCrossBandControl.EndPointF - determines the endpoint where the cross-band controls stops to draw.


We recommend that you start and end cross-band controls on paired bands (Report Header/Footer, Page Header/Footer or Top/Bottom Margin). Otherwise, these controls can be incorrectly drawn in the report document.


Cross-band controls cannot start/end on a vertical band.

Sunday, 13 January 2019 Posted in Report Controls