DSStudio Design Surface

dsstudio report designer workspace

The DSStudio Workspace and Design Surface

Ribbon Menu - Focuses on the current task at hand.  Options will change depending upon the area or controls that are selected.

Design Area - A drag and drop area for your report controls.  Each control has a set of properties that are changed using the Properties Panel.

Report Controls - Item items can be dragged and dropped into the Design Area.  These controls include Labels, Check Boxe, Rich Text, Picture Box, Panel, Table, Progress Bar, Page by Page Emailing, Sage 50 Descriptions, Character Comb, Line, Shape, Barcode, Print Components, Grid Control, Vertical Grid Control, Chart, Sparkline, Pivot Grid, Sub-Reports, Table of Contents, Page Info, Page Break, Cross-band Line, and Cross-band Box.

Group/Sort/Scripting - Quick access to Grouping and Sorting Layouts.  Will assist in creating Headers and Footers for Grouping.  Scripting display problems with your report scripts if used.

Toggle View - Move between Designing, Previewing, and working with Scripting Code.

Explorer and Field List - Explorer display all the elements of the report in a treeview list.  Field List will contain your database fields, parameters, and calculated fields.

Properties and Gallery - Each control or area within a report has properties to control different features.  Using the Properties Panel you can control the individual properties for each item.  The Gallery allows you to save commonly used items to share among multiple reports or outputs.


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