DSStudio Viewer Program Options

Changing DSStudio Viewer Program Settings

There are a number of options that can be configured for DSStudio Viewer.

Items Include
  • System Alerts
  • Barcode Scanning Sounds
  • Multiple selecting options
  • Enable Touch for touch devices
  • Report Location
  • Data Connection Locations
  • Temporary Folder Location
  • License Information

DSStudio Setting Screen Area Defined

Area  Description 
 NC1 Enable System Alerts - If this option is enabled (checked) DSStudio will provide alert popups for different actions performed.  This includes when a certain process is completed.
 NC2 Bar Code Sound - Generates an OK / Problem sound when scanning barcodes.  Provides audio feedback of scan success.
 NC3 Multiple Select by Checkbox - Some report parameter prompts may allow multiple choices.  Enabling (Checked) this will show checkboxes instead of highlighted selected options.  More Info
 NC4 Enable Touch - If you are using a Tablet or Touch Screen with DSStudio this option will pad the controls to give you more space around the screen elements.
 NC5 Report Folder - This is the location of your DSStudio Reports.
 NC6 Connection Storage - Location of where your database connections information is stored.  This location may be the same as the Report Folder Location.  You may also move this to a more secure location if you are concerned with security.
 NC7 Temp Folder - This is a working folder for DSStudio.  It is used while building different forms, reports, and outputs.  Items in the folder may be deleted if needed.  It will not affect your reports or configuration.
NC8 License Code - This code will be supplied by DataSoft.  Is used your project has been registered.
NC9 License Email - The email address of the licensor.
NC10 License Password - The password for the licensor.
Friday, 17 April 2020 Posted in DSStudio Viewer Setup and Configurations