Email Setup and Configuration

You can setup DSStudio Viewer to directly send emails from reports and exports.  

This feature requires you have to access to an SMPT Server. The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is a communication protocol for electronic mail transmission and is provided by either your hosting company or a service such as Microsoft Exchange.

You will need information from your service to complete the following setup.  Please check with your service provider or your systems administrator.

Free email providers like Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail do not ensure the correct delivery of all your messages.  If you're sending a large number of emails they may block your account.

You will need the following SMTP information.
  1. SMTP Service Address (IP Address or URI)
  2. Authorization Mode:  None, StartTLS Secure(TLS), or SSL(Secure)
  3. The Servers Port Number: 25, 252, 587, or another
  4. SMTP User Name (normally your email address)
  5. SMTP Password
Example for Microsoft Exchange

Server Address:
Port:  587
Authorization Mode:  StartTLS Secure

Example for Gmail

Server Address:
Port:  587 or 465
Authorization Mode:  StartTLS Secure

Example for Hotmail

Server Address:
Port:  587
Authorization Mode:  StartTLS Secure

OK now that you have the information you need lets setup DSStudio with your email settings.

From the Options/Settings item on the lower left of the DSStudio Main Windows select Program Settings.

Next, click the Email Setup on the top of the DSStudio Settings Dialog Window

DSStudio Setting Screen Select Email Settings

Enter your SMTP Email Settings.

DSStudio SMTP Email Settings Screen

Be sure to SAVE your changes!
Friday, 17 April 2020 Posted in DSStudio Viewer Setup and Configurations