Export RTF (Richtext format) Specific Options

An RTF file is a common text file format that supports rich text. It includes several types of text formatting, such as bold type, italics, different fonts, and font sizes, and custom tab settings. RTF files also support objects and images, such as JPG and PNG files, saved within the text file.  RTF is readable by most word processors.

When exporting a document, you can define RTF (Richtext Format) specific export options using the following dialog.


  • Export mode
    • The Single file mode allows export of a document to a single file, without dividing it into pages.
    • The Single file page-by-page mode allows export of a document to a single file, divided into pages. In this mode, the Page range option is available.
  • Specifies how a document is exported to RTF. The following modes are available.
  • Page range
  • Specifies a range of pages which will be included in the resulting file. To separate page numbers, use commas. To set page ranges, use hyphens.
  • Export watermarks
  • Specifies whether the exported document should include watermarks (if they exist).
Monday, 14 January 2019 Posted in Preview, Print and Export Reports