Kiosk Mode Function Keys

KioskTileDSStudio Viewer Reports in Kiosk Mode 

DSStudio Report Viewer has a Kiosk Mode.  This Kiosk Mode is used for full-screen display of reports and catalogs without the normal screen and menu items.


It is great if you wish to run your reports on a tablet or device where the users have no need for any menu options.

The available shortcut keys are available in the Kiosk Mode.


F12 or ESC - Exits Kiosk Mode
Exits full-screen Kiosk Mode and returns to normal report mode.

F3 - Shows Search/Find Panel
Finds search content within the Report or Output.

F4 - Goto Page Number
Jumps directly to a giving page number.

F5 - Show/Hide Document Map Bookmarks
Toggles document map bookmarks visible.

F6 - Show/Hide Report Edit Fields
Toggle's ability to edit report fields.

F9 - Shows Print Dialog
Allows you to print your Report or Output.

<Ctrl> + Up Arrow - Zooms In
<Ctrl> + Down Arrow - Zooms Out





Friday, 17 April 2020 Posted in Program Features