Logos and graphic inside a report

Your report may have images for logos and other graphics.  These images are embedded within each report file.  You can change these images by using the image resources property editor.

From the DSStudio Viewer Main Screen find the report you wish to change.  Click on the report Edit Icon.

DSStudio Viewer Main Screen

Select Report Properties on the top menu.

DSStudio Viewer Report Properties

Find the Image Resources Property and click on the … to edit your settings.

DSStudio Report Properties Image Resources

Change your settings.

Please be aware that the  ID should not be changed.  The ID is established by the report developer as a placement area.  Changing the ID value would disconnect the image from the report.

DSStudio Image Resources Editor

Click OK to close the Collection Editor Image Resource Dialog. Make sure you click Save and Exit or your changes will not be saved.
Monday, 23 March 2020 Posted in Changing report defaults and values