Maintain the Size and Content of Data-Bound Controls

Use the control's Can Grow and Can Shrink properties to make a data-bound control automatically adjust its height to its contents.

Can Grow = NoCan Grow = Yes
Can Shrink = NoCan Shrink = Yes

This feature does not work with anchoring enabled, as well as for labels that are used to display summary function results.

Use the Auto Width property to make a data-bound Label or Character Comb automatically adjust its width to its content. This option behavior depends on the control's current horizontal alignment (Text Alignmentproperty value).

  • Text Alignment = Left
  • Text Alignment = Right
  • Text Alignment = Center

The control's Word Wrap property allows you to make a control display its contents in multiple lines when it does not fit into the control's dimensions.

Auto Width = No, Word Wrap = NoAuto Width = No, Word Wrap = Yes
Auto Width = Yes, Word Wrap = NoAuto Width = Yes, Word Wrap = Yes

You can also use the opposite Text Fit Mode property to adjust a label or table cell's font size to fit the control's bounds.

Text Fit Mode = NoneText Fit Mode = Grow OnlyText Fit Mode = Shrink OnlyText Fit Mode = Shrink And Grow

This property is not available in the following cases:

  • The Can GrowCan Shrink or Auto Width option is enabled;
  • The label's Angle property is specified;
  • The control's Anchor Horizontally or Anchor Vertically property is set to Both.
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