Matrix 2 of 5

Matrix 2 of 5 is a linear one-dimensional barcode. Matrix 2 of 5 is a self-checking numerical-only barcode.

Unlike the Interleaved 2 of 5, all of the information is encoded in the bars; the spaces are of fixed width and used only to separate the bars. Matrix 2 of 5 is used primarily for warehouse sorting, photofinishing, and airline ticket marking.

DSStudio Barcode Code matrix 2 of 5

The following properties are specific to the Matrix 2 of 5 type and available in the Property Grid under the Symbology property:

  • Calculate a Checksum
  • Specifies whether to calculate a checksum for the barcode.
  • Wide Narrow Ratio
  • Specifies the density of a bar code's bars.
Friday, 28 December 2018 Posted in Barcodes