NULL and Binary Data

Working with NULL Values

Pervasive PSQL interprets a NULL as an unknown value. Thus, if you try to compare two NULL values, they will compare as not equal.

An expression that evaluates to WHERE NULL=NULL returns FALSE.

Working with Binary Data

Consider the following scenario: you insert the literal value '1' into a BINARY(4) column named c1, in table t1. Next, you enter the statement


The engine can retrieve data using the same binary format as was used to input the data. That is, the SELECT example above works properly and returns the value, 0x01000000, even though there isn’t a literal match.

Note: The engine always adds a zero (‘0’) to the front of odd-digit binary values that are inserted. For example, if you insert the value '010', then the value '0x00100000' is stored in the data file.

Currently, Pervasive PSQL does not support suffix 0x to denote binary constants. Binary constants are a string of hexadecimal numbers enclosed by single quotation marks.

This behavior is the same as SQL Server.

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