Page by Page Email Control

Page by Page Email Component allows you to separate report pages into separate emails.  This is great for Customer Invoices, Customer Statements, Salesperson Reports, and Mailmerge Letters.

There are few report requirements to use this component:

  • You need a datasource with an email address and contact name.
  • You need to sort and group the report by email address.

First Drag and Drop a Page by Page Component onto the page.  We will move it later to the Group Header Band later.


  • Click on the Page by Page Component in the report or use the Report Explorer to select the Page by Page Component.
  • Select the Wrench Tab in the Property Grid.  Scroll down to the To Email and To Name Properties.
  • Using the Expression Editor click on the dot to the right of the To Email Property.
  • Assign the To Email Address and To Name Properties using the Expression Editor.


In the Group and Sorting area create a new group using the Email Address Field from the Datasource.


Click the new GroupHeader1 Smart Tab that was just created for you.  Change the Page Break to "Before the Bank".  This will create each Email Address on a separate page.


  • Now move your Page by Page Component to the newly create GroupHeader1 area.
  • Select the DSStudio Report in the Report Explorer or click on a blank area of the report to access the Report Properties in the Properties Grid. 
  • Click the Wrench Icon and scroll down to Report Output Type.  Change this to "PagebyPage". 
  • You may also change the Page by Page output type to either PDF or HTML.  This format is what the email will be sent as.  Normally you would use PDF if you use HTML beware that not all email clients will handle HTML the same.  So your email may not look correct on the receiver's computer.  If you are using HTML, make sure your output is simple.  Try use tables in your formatting.  Say away from special fonts (receiver may not have them installed) and complex backgrounds.  Do not use images as background, they will render incorrectly on some computers.

If you are wanting to send Christmas Cards or Greeting with special fonts, create an image and include it in the email.

HTML emails will display as the email body in the receivers email client and does not become an attachment like a PDF.


Once you have your report or output completed click the Preview Tab on the top.


Notice that Page by Page Export option.  Click it to review your emailing options.


Fill in the Email Subject and Email Body.  If you are using the HTML Output option from the step above the Email Body will be replaced with your report.  So it will be ignored.

If you wish to edit an Email Address to To Name toggle the Edit Email and To Name switch.


You may uncheck recipients in the Send column if you wish not to send their email.  In the File Name Column, you may click the magnifying glass to preview the email.

You may add additional Attachments if you wish.


Click the Add Attachment on select your file.  You may also view this file by clicking View Attachment to make sure all is good.

When you are ready to send click the Send Email(s) button on the upper left.  After the emails are sent you may print a simple status report for your records.

If you receive any error dialogs "An item with the same key has already been added".  This is because your PagebyPage Component is not in a Group Header Area or in a Page Header Area.









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