Page Info Control

The Page Info control is used to display auxiliary information on report pages, such as date, time, page numbers or user name.

To add a new Page Info control to a report, drag the Page Info item from the Toolbox and drop it onto the required report band.

Use the Page Information property to define the kind of information the control displays: page numbers, system date-time, or user name.

For examples of different uses of this control, see the corresponding tutorials:

Because usually this information is displayed in the Page Header/Footer and Top/Bottom Margin bands, you cannot bind the Page Info property to a field from a data source. So, in order to display dynamic information, use the Label or Rich Text controls instead.

In addition, a format string can be applied to a control's contents. For example, you can change the control's format to Page {0} of {1} using the Text Format String property.

When a report contains at least one group, you can specify individual page numbers for report groups by setting the Running Band property to the name of the required group.

Tuesday, 08 January 2019 Posted in Report Controls