Saving and Archiving Reports

The DSStudio Viewer has the ability to take a snapshot of a report for later review.  A preview report file is a snapshot of a report at a certain time frame.  This snapshot can be easily loaded back into the Preview Window for later viewing.  This is great to compare changes to data over time as well as providing an archive of the report.

Once the report is saved you can use the Viewers option (bottom of the screen) and select Report Viewer.  You may open multiple viewers to compare reports side by side.

Please be aware that snapshot preview reports may have limited sorting and interactive functionality.  This is because the data contained in these types of reports, do not reflect the current data.

Saved reports may also be exported or emailed.  This feature is great if you wish to export to a spreadsheet for further analysis.
Monday, 23 March 2020 Posted in Report exporting, saving, or sending to spreadsheet