Sort a Report in Print Preview

This tutorial illustrates how to enable sorting report data in Print Preview.

In this tutorial, we will start with the following report displaying products grouped by category names.


You can implement interactive sorting for both the detail data and report groups.

Sort Report Groups

To enable sorting report groups in Print Preview, select the label displaying product category names located in the Group Header band and switch to the Property Grid.


Expand the label's InteractiveSorting property, and set the TargetBand property to GroupHeader1 and FieldName to CategoryName.

Switch to the Preview tab to sort report groups by the CategoryName field. When a mouse pointer hovers over the category name, it changes to a hand indicating the sorting capability. The arrow displayed at the element's right edge indicates the sorting order.


Sort Detail Data

To enable sorting data in the Detail band, select the table cell displaying the Product Name title and switch to the Property Grid.


Set the TargetBand property to Detail and access the SortField property.

In the invoked collection editor, add a new group field and set its FieldName to ProductName.

Set the table cell's FieldName property to the ProductName field.


On switching to the Preview tab, you can now sort data in the Detail band by the ProductName field.


If you provide interactive sorting to multiple fields, clicking another field clears all the previously applied data sorting. Hold the SHIFT key while clicking to preserve the existing sorting settings and thus sort against multiple fields.

To disable data sorting against a specific field, hold the CTRL key on its caption click.

Reports embedded into the current report using the Subreport control do not support interactive data sorting.
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