Subreport Control


The Subreport control is used to embed other reports into the current report.

To add this control to the report, drag the Subreport item from the Toolbox onto the report's area.

The Subreport control allows you to solve the following tasks:

  • Reuse reports
  • This can be useful if there is a particular report structure (template) that needs to be included in many reports, and the report must have a consistent appearance and functionality. A good example is a report header that always contains the same information (the company information, logo, date, etc.).
  • Create master-detail reports
  • Another reason for using subreports is to create master-detail reports (reports with hierarchically linked data). For more details on this, see Create a Master-Detail Report (Use Subreports).

Use one of the following properties to provide the report source:

  • Report SourceIf report classes of the application that invoked the Report Designer are compiled into one assembly, then they are available as items in this combo box.
  • Determines a report to be included as a subreport.
  • Report Source URL
  • Defines an URL of a report file (*.REPX), to be used as a report source.

Double-clicking a subreport opens its associated report in a new Report Designer tab.

Tuesday, 08 January 2019 Posted in Report Controls