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DSStudio Page by Page Emailing

PagebyPageDSStudio Page by Page Emailing

Page by Page Emailing allows sending each report page to the specific email address all on one click.

This is great to send Daily Invoices, Statements, Customer Messages, and Employee Paystubs.  It takes the report and breaks it down into sections, sending each section to separate emails address.  

For example, we are printing customer invoices for the day.

Page by Page takes each invoice for each customer and emails them.  You no longer have to do one at a time.  If your customer has 2 invoices in the report, they will be added to the same email.  So your customer will only receive one email with two invoices.

Depending upon the type of output, some emails may be embedded as the body of the email or as attachments.  There are limits within email clients that make sending embedded body email to appear incorrectly.  In that case, we just add them as PDF attachments.


Page by Page Main Screen

Depending upon the type of reports it may contain a Parameters Area.  This area is where you select which items you wish to include in the report.

There is also what is called a Document Map Area.  This area is used to jump to a certain page within the report.  Like a bookmark.

There are many options available to you just on the main screen.  

  • Using the Save button you can archive this report.  Archive reports save the data right in the report, so if changes in the database it does not change it in the report.  Think of Archive Reports as snapshots of a report including the data that was used to generate it.
  • You just can print your Page by Page Report if you wish.  You don't need to email them.
  • The export button on the top allows you to export your report to many different formats DSStudio offers.
  • There are many very useful features in our viewer for viewing and finding what you need.



 DSStudio Page by Page Main
DSStudio Page by Page Before Emai

 Before sending your emails

Once you are happy with your reports output it's time to blast the emails out.

  • Check/Uncheck the Send checkbox, Checking them will send the email.
  • Add an additional attachment to an email if you wish.  This is great for sales flyers or any other information you wish to send with your email.
  • Add your own email subject and Email Body Message.
  • Under the filename column, you can click the magnifying glass to preview the entire email.
  • When you ready to send, click the Send Email button at the top of the form.
  • Notice the Print Listing Button, you can generate a report after you send the emails for your records.  This will also report any problems occurred during sending.




 More images of DSStudio Page by Page Screen 

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