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DSStudio Sage 50 Edition


DataSoft's DSStudioDataSoft's DSStudio Report Viewer, Emailing, and Exporting Tool 
Sage 50  Accounting Edition Works with Peachtree Accounting too!

With DataSoft's DSStudio Reports, Exports, and Bulk Emailing has achieved a new level.  Our DSStudio Report Viewer will generate your output with 3 clicks.

Our DSStudio Sage 50 Edition has special features specifically for Sage 50 and Peachtree Accounting Software

  • Works directly with Sage 50 and Peachtree Accounting Software.
  • Does not need an additional Sage 50 User or any data connectors.  
  • No expensive user licenses. You pay only for the reports you want.
  • No need to send emails through Microsoft Outlook.
  • Export Reports and Listing to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, CSV, Richtext, Text, HTML, and PDF formats.
  • Built-in Spreadsheet software no need for Microsoft Excel.
  • Built-in Page to Page Emailing.  Send invoices, statements or Employee paystubs all at once with a few clicks.
  • Selection screen made specifically for Sage 50.  Lookup screens for Customer, Vendors, Journal Transactions, etc. 

So how does this all work?

DataSoft's offers different reports for Sage 50 and Peachtree Accounting.  You may purchase reports in our Store.  If you have specific needs we would be happy to create a report or export for you.  Reports are reasonable in price and may be used with multiple companies if needed.

We actually take reporting even further by including a free Spreadsheet, PDF Viewer and Word processing software.  These three additional tools are build right in DSStudio and may be used as a standalone product.  They are Microsoft Office compatible so you don't even need a copy of Microsoft Office.  Open and save Excel Spreadsheet or Word Documents right in DSStudio.

Report Output Types

DSStudio Output Types

Most reports have the ability to export to multiple output types depending upon the report format and your needs.

Some output types are special.  View more information about the special output types.




DSStudio works will all kinds of databases, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Access, and Pervasive just to name a few.  Additional data connections are also available depending upon your report requirements.  You can also use a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet as a data source for your reports and outputs.






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