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Frequently Asked Questions - Sage 50 / Peachtree Data Repair and Recovery

Sage 50 and Peachtree Accounting Software Data and File Recovery Service

What is the cost?

Sage 50 Data Repair Service is billed at a flat rate.  If we are unable to fix your files you are not charged.  Large datasets or amount of damage does not incur additional fees.  If we are unable to repair your data, but you would still like the repaired files back, you will be charged at the standard rate.  Your service is billed using a credit card. No wire transfers are necessary.

Please note there different rates for each service.  While we do not like that we have to charge a weekend or holiday rate, we incur additional expenses due to our technician's overtime pay.  Weekend Service includes Saturday, Sunday.  Weekday Service includes normal business hours; Monday - Friday.   Please contact us for a Holiday Rate, this is only available by appointment only and may occur additional charges. 

View our current Data Recovery Rates

Do I need to contact DataSoft prior to submitting my data?

No, there is no need to contact us; everything is handled by our website.  If you have other concerns that are not addressed on this website please feel free to contact us.  We are here to help you.

Can you help me gather my Sage 50 / Peachtree data and restore the fixed files?

Yes, DataSoft does provide Secure Remote Access.  We can directly connect to your workstation which allows our technicians the ability to work with you on your computer.  If you feel you may need additional assistance please select our Data Recovery Plus Service.

What happens if you cannot fix our Sage 50 / Peachtree Data Files?

In the event that we are unable to repair your files, there is no charge for our time.  Sometimes our technicians cannot repair files that are damaged due to data no longer existing in the file.  The operating system has deleted the information and no company or process can retrieve data that no longer exists.  You may be missing a few transactions if that where the damage resided.  It is very likely that we can tell you what transactions are missing and maybe even create them for you (if data exists).

How long does it take?

Normally our service takes about 4 - 6 hours once we have received your data.  It ultimately depends on how large your company's data file is and how much damage exists.  We understand that your company is unable to function without your accounting data.  We make every effort to expedite our services so your company can get back up and be running.  If we receive your data after normal business hours, you can expect a return time with the same 4 - 6 hours window the following business day.  Please note that data recovery jobs submitted 4 hours prior to our normal closing business hours may be subject to next day delivery.  Our bottom line is that we will expedite your request and try everything we can to get your repaired files back to you ASAP.

Do you guarantee your work?

After the data is returned to you, it is your responsibility to review your data.  DataSoft does not know the correct balances, your inventory or customer transactions, etc.  We strongly suggest that you review the data prior to starting your normal entries.  It is possible that the last transaction you where working on has not been saved.  Please verify the last entries you where working on prior to the data becoming corrupt.  Due to situations beyond your control (system failure, network problem, etc.,), the data may have become damaged, it may be possible this could happen again.   It will be considered to be a new Data Recovery Service if, after a period of time, you need to have the data fixed again.

How safe is our information?

This is a secure site, any information transferred between your computer and our server is encrypted.  When you enter important data on our web pages, look for the padlock icon that displays in most browsers.  This shows you the web page you are accessing is secure.  We only store your company data for three days after your recovery has been completed.  After three days, we delete all of your company data.  We save your company data for 3 days only to be able to provide you with a backup in case something should go wrong during the download transfer or if you have any questions.

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