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Sage 50 Purge Our Purge Service deletes and consolidates transactions in closed fiscal years. The outcome of the service depends upon what type of transactions are in your dataset. There is a level of integrity that must be maintained to keep system balances correct for General Ledger, Inventory and Job Cost.



More Transactions Purged


More maintenance Records


Increased Performance


It is not possible to remove all old transactions; different type of accounting information relies on history information and existing transactions. To help explain this consider your inventory items. If you are using LIFO/FIFO costing methods there need to be buckets to keep track of what items were purchased at what cost, quantity purchased etc. Same holds true for the sales. If that complete history was removed there would be no way to determine which items quantity cost what.

Biggest problems with getting the purge results.

  • Inventory Costing buckets for LIFO and FIFO Costing Methods.
  • Specific Unit, Serialized Items
  • Job Costing
  • The two-year open accounting period window
  • Many to one transactions – many invoices paid by one check.
  • Related Transactions 
  • Not setting Maintenance Records to inactive
  • Related transactions in prior periods. Transactions that crossed over closed periods or open years.

Purging takes time, a lot of time. Why? Each detail record of a transaction must be reviewed. This involves checking the inventory id, backtracking to see if it is tied to another transaction like a purchase. This purchase transaction then needs to check if it is tied to purchase order if then does it contain LIFO/FIFO costing. If it does it need to be maintained to keep the costing buckets intact.

Costing buckets work off dates, that’s where LIFO/FIFO comes into place. If the inventory quantity at the purge time frame is not zero, none of the transactions for that Inventory item can be purged. Which causes a roll-up effect that stops any transactions tied to that item not to purge, which causes all other inventory items on that transaction not to purge, which affects all other transactions that contain that same inventory item not to purge.

Everything is related, so one transaction can stop all related transactions from not being purged.

So what can be done?

Try our Purge Service First.

We fix the main problem of related transactions. We separate the Cash Receipt and Cash Disbursement Journals tied to Sale Invoices and Purchases. Then pay each one individually. This frees ups the transactions that are tied together and creates each one as it’s own separate entry. Which then breaks the related transaction errors you see in your purgelog.txt file.  Our purge service can solve the number one reason for poor purge results: Could not purge related transactions.

By separating the transactions, we can purge about 45% - 75% more transactions then the standard Sage 50 Purge. Again, it all depends upon which features you are using and if the transaction is needed for Job Cost, Serialized Inventory or LIFO/FIFO Costing Buckets.


Start a new company with beginning balances.

You could start a new company. DataSoft can create all the maintenance records, customers vendors, inventory, etc., bring in any outstanding transactions sales orders, sales journals, purchase orders, and purchases. The only issue with this is you are using LIFO FIFO. The Inventory evaluation needs to be brought in as Average Costing to start out. If you were to bring in the actual costing buckets from LIFO FIFO that would defeat the purpose. Because all those old transactions would also need to be imported. Once you start ending inventory transactions the LIFO FIFO buckets will start to populate properly

Most companies try to use our Purge Service First see what the results are then in the last effort they will rebuild the company.


We work with all Versions of Sage 50 and Peachtree Accounting Software. This includes:

Sage 50 Quantum
Sage 50 Accountant Edition
Peachtree Manufacturing
Peachtree Quantum
Sage 50 Premium
Peachtree Pro Accounting
Peachtree Distribution
Peachtree Construction
Sage 50 Pro
Peachtree Premium Accounting
Peachtree NonProfit

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