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Sage 50 and Peachtree Large Backup Size

Cleaning up your Sage 50 and Peachtree Accounting Data Folder.

This may reduce your .ptb backup file size and backup time.


Your Company's data folder will start to contain unused files and clutter over time.  You will find old PDF files and spreadsheets that are no longer needed.  All these extra files are contained in your .ptb backup file each time you back up.

Doing some housekeeping will help reduce your backup file size as well as reduce the time it takes to back up your data.


Each Sage 50 and Peachtree Company Datasets are stored in a separate folder. 

You can determine this folder by opening the company, select Maintenance from the top main menu, and selecting Company Information.

You can copy the Directory information and paste it directly into File Explorer.


Sage 50 Maintain Company Information

Files and Folders you should never delete are:

  • *.dat (unless described below)
  • Version.txt
  • ATTACHMENTS (Your attachments located in a folder)
  • KMSKeys.xml (Your license keys)
  • KeysBackup (This a folder of license keys)


Always backup your company prior to making any changes to its data folder.

Using File Explorer browse to the data folder location.  You may then delete the following files if they exist:

  • *.pdf (Delete any PDF files that you are no longer using)
  • *.xls or *.xlsx (Delete any Excel Worksheet files that you are no longer using)
  • *.doc (Delete any Microsoft Word files that you are no longer using)
  • ADVDATA.dat (Sage 50 Advertising Files)
  • ADVHIST.dat (Sage 50 Advertising Files)
  • Evntcls.dat (left over from failed to Fiscal Period Close)
  • Jrnlcls.dat (left over from failed to Fiscal Period Close)
  • *.zip (Misplaced Winzip files)
  • *.tmp (Leftover temporary files)
  • *.old (Bad or Old files that you may have created)

If you are not using the Audit Trail Report or the Event Feature for Transactions then you can delete the following files.  You will have to have all users exit Sage 50 or Peachtree before you will be able to delete these files.

If you are unsure of the purpose of these features then Do Not Delete these two files.

  • AUDITTR.dat
  • EVENTLOG.dat

If you have deleted the Audittr.dat or the Eventlog.dat you will receive a message that a new file has been created when you first start Sage 50.  This is normal because these files are required by Sage 50. 


There may be other file types located in this folder that are not used and may be deleted.  If you are unsure of any file type do not delete it. 




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