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Speeding up Sage 50 Accounting

Is your Sage 50 Accounting running slow? Here are a few items to help you speed things up and decrease loading time.

There are many variables associated with computer hardware, database engine settings, size of the database, and types of transactions.  Each of these plays a roll in delivering data to the workstation for Sage 50 Accounting. 

One item is your computer's hardware.  You should always upgrade your hard disk to a newer SSD (Solid State Drive) Drive.  SSD memory drives outperform older HDD (Hard Disk Drive) spinning drives.  SSD uses what is call NADO-based flash memory.  This is a type of memory that will not forget when the computer's power is turned off.  Unfortunately, there are cost differences per gigabyte (HDD is $0.03 and SDD is $0.20 per gigabyte).  Although, the costs are coming down every day. There were also rumors floating around stating that SSD's would wear out in a short time.  This is not true anymore as the technology has changed.  A new SSD will last over 200 years even when the drive is used all day long.

Invest in an SSD drive for all your computers including the server, most of them come with software to assist you in transferring your old HDD to a new SSD.  SSD recommendations

Size and transactions in your Company's Dataset.  The more transactions and data you have in your Company's Database, the longer it takes to sort and gather the information.  The type of transaction that you use also plays a large role.  One example is using LIFO/FIFO for inventory costing.  When generating reports or entering detail lines in an invoice, it takes time to calculate the correct totals for the different costing buckets.   So, purging your old data and performing housekeeping tasks every year will help you keep your file size down.  Check out our Purge Service with assistance on this one.

Making changes to the Pervasive MicroKernel Workgroup Engine.  The Pervasive MicroKernal Workgroup Engine is what supplies data to Sage 50 and performs all the data record processing.  This item involves changing your Windows System Registry.  We highly recommend you contact us to assist you with these changes.  Changing items or deleting something can cause major problems in many other areas.  Before changing any system setting, always backup your computer.  There is an Export Function in the File Menu of the Registry Editor.  Use it and perform a system backup before attempting to change the Registry.

Steps to take:

  1. Perform a complete system backup using the software of your choice.
  2. Open the Run box with the keyboard combination Windows key + r.
  3. In the Run Line, enter "regedit" (without the quotes)
  4. Click Ok
  5. Say "Yes" to User Account Control if prompted. (Do you want this app to make changes to your device?) 
  6. Use the File, Export to create a backup of the Registry.  Select a safe folder to save the file, give it a useful filename and make sure you include the date in the filename.  Select "All" for the Export Range at the bottom and click "Save".

If you are using a newer Version of Sage 50, (2016 - 2018) copy and paste this text into the top of the Registry Editor in the Computer Field.

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Pervasive Software\MicroKernel Workgroup Engine\Version 11\Settings

If you are using an older version of Peachtree, (the version above may say 9 instead of 11),  manually navigate on the left to find the correct displayed version.

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Pervasive Software\MicroKernel Workgroup Engine\Version 9\Settings

Change the Following Name Keys using Decimal as its base.

Name KeyTypeData
Max MicroKernel Memory UsageREG_DWORD100
Max Remote Worker ThreadsREG_DWORD256
Limit Segment Size to 2GBREG_SZNO
Cache SizeREG_DWORD40000

After you have finished making your changes, exit the Registry Editor.  The changes will not take effect until you reboot the computer.

If you have made any of these changes and it helped increase your speed with Sage 50 Accounting, we would like to know! Please send us an email.

Solid State Drive Recommendations

We have found the Samsung SSD has worked best for us and our clients.  We have had configuration and compatibility problems with other SSD drives.

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