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Sage 50 File System Error 3110

Sage 50 Error: "File System Error 3110"

Normally caused by network problems or communication loss between workstation and workstations/server where data resides.

Also applies to these File System errors:

  • File System error 3111
  • File System error 3112
  • File System error 3008



Close all application on all workstation and server that use Sage 50 and restart all hardware.

If you still receive the 3110 error or any other error after restarting all Sage 50 related computers, you may have damaged data files.

You will either need to repair your Sage 50 datafiles or restore from a prior backup.

Never run Sage 50 over a wifi connection.  Always have a hardwired network.  Wifi network frequently disconnects and reconnect connections.




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