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Expressions Constants, Operators, and Functions

Contains constants, operators, and functions you can use in expressions.


Aggregate Functions

Functions for summing, averages, max, and minimal.


Assigning constants

Case Sensitivity

Operators are case insensitive.

Date-time Functions

Date and Time related functions

Escaping Keywords

Working with Escape Character 

Functions for Expression Bindings and Calculated Fields

Functions for construct expression bindings and calculated fields.

Functions for Stored Procedure Binding

Binding reports to a stored procedure.

Functions for Summary Expression Editor

Calculating summaries across a report and its groups.

Logical Functions

Logical related functions

Math Functions

Math related functions

Operator Precedence

Order in which expression elements are evaluated


Math, checking nulls, and evaluating

Report Items In Expressions DataSource

Counting items in a Datasource.

String Functions

String related functions
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