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When you specify the ALL keyword before a subquery, Pervasive PSQL performs the subquery and uses the result to evaluate the condition in the outer query. If all the rows the subquery returns meet the outer query's condition for a particular row, Pervasive PSQL includes that row in the final result table of the statement.

Generally, you can use the EXISTS or NOT EXISTS keyword instead of the ALL keyword.


The following SELECT statement compares the ID column from the Person table to the ID columns in the result table of the subquery:

SELECT p.ID, p.Last_Name 
FROM Person p 
(SELECT f.ID FROM Faculty f WHERE f.Dept_Name = 'Chemistry')

If the ID value from Person does not equal any of the ID values in the subquery result table, Pervasive PSQL includes the row from Person in the final result table of the statement.

Thursday, 18 April 2019 Posted in Pervasive SQL Command
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