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Line Control

The Line control draws a line in a specified direction, style, width, and color. You can use it to decorate and visually separate a report's sections.

The actions list of the line's smart tag provides the main control properties:

  • Line Direction
  • Enables you to draw a line horizontally, vertically, and across the rectangle, the line occupies from one corner to another (HorizontalVerticalSlant and Back Slant types).
  • Line Style
  • You can select the solid (by default), dashed, dotted, or mixed line style.
  • Line Width
  • Specifies the line width in pixels as a floating point value.
  • Anchor Vertically
  • Specifies the vertical anchoring style, so that after page rendering a control stays attached to the top control, bottom control, or both.


The XRLine control cannot span several bands. See Draw Cross-Band Lines and Boxes to learn about drawing lines through several bands.

Sunday, 13 January 2019 Posted in Report Controls
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