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Logical Functions

Report Objects Names are case sensitive

When using report objects their names are case sensitive. Example using a sytle. Style1 and sytle1 are different.




Iif(Expression1, True_Value1, ..., ExpressionN, True_ValueN, False_Value)

Returns one of several specified values depending upon the values of logical expressions.

The function can take 2N+1 arguments (N - the number of specified logical expressions):

  • Each odd argument specifies a logical expression;
  • Each even argument specifies the value that is returned if the previous expression evaluates to true;
  • ...
  • The last argument specifies the value that is returned if the previously evaluated logical expressions yielded false.


This statement is also helpful for applying a style to objects.  You can set up an expression to change the style of the object depending upon its value or condition.

Example:  iif([balance]>10000,style1,)

Remember Report Objects Names are case sensitive.

Iif(Name = 'Bob', 1, Name = 'Dan', 2, Name = 'Sam', 3, 4)")


Returns True if the specified Value is NULL.


IsNull(Value1, Value2)

Returns Value1 if it is not set to NULL; otherwise, Value2 is returned.

IsNull([ShipDate], [RequiredDate])


Returns True if the specified String object is NULL or an empty string; otherwise, False is returned.


Thursday, 27 December 2018 Posted in Expressions Constants, Operators, and Functions
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