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This object is used with Sage50FillPeriods function.  You can loop through periods to find a specific period.

In order to use this function within scripts you must include the:
Imports System.Collections.GenericImports System.Collections.Generic
at the top of the script


Dim Periods as list(of Sage50PeriodsBase)
Periods = Sage50FillPeriods(sqldatasource1)
Dim Per as Sage50PeriodsBase
For each Per in Periods
'Do something here  check 
' If per.period = 4 then ....

Use without Looping

Dim Periods as list(of Sage50PeriodsBase)
Periods = Sage50FillPeriods(sqldatasource1)
Dim sdate as date
sdate = Periods(2).StartDate 'Will give you the Start Date for Period 2

Object contains

FieldName   Type Description 
 Period Integer Period Number
 StartDate Date Starting date of the period.
 EndDate Date Ending date of the period.
Thursday, 17 January 2019 Posted in Objects
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