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Setting up a SMTP Email Connection in DSStudio Viewer

The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, better known as SMTP, is a protocol used to transmit email messages over the internet.  DSStudio can use SMTP to send bulk emails from your reports.  DSStudio Software has the ability to send reports page by page.  This allows you to send invoices or statements, or any other type of object automatically, all in one batch to each email recipient.

To access your Email Settings for the DSStudio Viewer head over to the Setting Menu, Program Settings, and click on the Email Setup item at the top.



This information is normally provided by your IPS or Email Service Provider.

This example above is using Office 365 Exchange Service.  Different providers have different settings so it is best to contact your email provider for the correct settings.  

 Other SMTP Servers

ServiceServer AddressPortAuthorization ModeNotes
Gmailsmtp.gmail.com465Auth - Non-EncryptedGmail has severe sending limits. The boundary is 100 recipients a time and 500 messages per day. Misuse of your limits will cause your Email account to be blocked.
Amazon SESemail-smtp.us-east-125, 465 or 587StartTLS Secure(TLS)Server address may vary depending on our account setting. Check the Amazon Console for your unique Credentials.
Outlook.comsmtp-mail.outlook.com25 or 587StartTLS Secure(TLS)
Yahoosmtp.mail.yahoo.com465 or 587StartTLS Secure(TLS)Yahoo has sending limits. 500 emails per day.


Written by DataSoft Tech Support Wednesday, 26 December 2018 Posted in Setup Email
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