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Suppress Controls

Avoid Duplicated and Empty Values

When identical or null values appear in a report's data source, you can suppress these values in a report using the following properties:

  • Process Duplicates Mode
  • Specifies how to process report controls with identical values (leave them as is, merge, suppress, or suppress and shrink).
  • Process Null Values
  • Specifies how to process report controls receiving null values from a data source (leave them as is, suppress, or suppress and shrink).
  • Process Duplicates Target
  • Specifies whether to process duplicate the control's Text or Tag property values.

These properties are available for the following controls:

  • Bar Code
  • Label
  • Character Comb
  • Rich Text
  • Table Cell
  • Picture Box

Conditionally Suppress a Control

You can suppress a control when a specified logical condition is met by specifying the required Visible property expressions as described in the Conditionally Suppress Controls topic.

In this case, a space remains in the band at the control's location. You can avoid this by placing these controls onto a Panel and enabling its Can Shrink property.

For this feature to work correctly, consider the following:

  • Specify the Visible property's expression to the controls in the panel (and not to the panel itself).
  • Do not assign borders to the panel container. Otherwise, they are printed when the panel's content is suppressed.
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