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DSStudio for Sage 50 Accounting now Archives Reports

Our DSStudio Reports for Sage 50 and Peachtree Accounting now allows you to Archive Reports.

You now have the ability to take a snapshot of a report and its data then save it to an Archive Report.  These are not just any archived report, they are active reports that are interactive!

You can sort them, email them, select page ranges, export to Microsoft Excel, CSV or any other format DSStudio provides.

If you change the data inside Sage 50 the report will remain the same because we archive the data right into the report.  Imagine taking an old report and working with its data again.  You can even export the data and import it back into another company. 

Works with all Version Sage 50 and Peachtree Accounting products.  Also works with any other data provider that DSStudio Supports.  This includes Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, CSV, TXT, XML, Pervasive, Oracle, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, IBM DB2, Firebird, PostgreSQL, VistaDB, and SQLite.

Sage 50 Quotes Expiring Report

Sage 50 Accounting Sales Quotes Expiring Report

Report is sorted and grouped by either Employee or Customers.  Provides the ability to distribute each employee with their own report.

Includes useful data such as Customer Contact, Phone Number, and Email Address.   Customer Email Address is clickable directly to a new email to the customer.  You can also toggle the quote details with Hide / Show Details link right inside the report.

DSStudio reports have the ability to copy formatted text right from the preview windows.  This provides the ability to copy and paste report data right into the Customers Email.

There is 3 different version of this report:

  1. All open quotes by Customer ID
  2. Grouping by Salesperson, by Customer. 
  3. Selected Salesperson, by Customer

Works with all Version of Sage 50 US Accounting and Peachtree Accounting Software.