Sage 50 Attachments Report with Viewers


Sage 50 Attachments Report allows you to view and work with your Sage 50 Attachments in a whole new way. Quickly get the information you need all in one powerful report.


View all your Sage 50 transaction attachments with this super cool report and file viewer.

This Sage 50 Attachment Report not only reports on your transaction attachments it allows you to view them and save them.  This is a multifunction report providing the ability to drill down into your attachments.

Clicking on the Transaction Reference Column will open a window to select your attachment file.  Clicking on the attachment file will display the attachment.  There are different viewers for different types of files.  For example, if you attach an Excel Spreadsheet you will be presented with the Spreadsheet viewer.  Different viewers have different functions that including editing and saving the attachment.

Viewers and editors do not update the attachment inside Sage 50.  You may save them to a new file to reattach or use them as you wish.
  • Interactive Sorting by clicking on the report column.
  • Provides viewing of attachments files.  This includes spreadsheets, Images, PDF, and Documents with popup viewers and editors.
  • The report selection parameter is by date range.  Ability to limit the number of transactions per report.
Columns include:
  • Reference
  • Transaction Date
  • Amount
  • Transaction Description
  • Attachment Area (Sales Journals, Purchases, Payroll, Sales Orders, etc.)



Additional information


HTML Hyperlinks Opener, Image Viewer, Interactive Sorting, PDF Viewer, Spreadsheet Viewer, Word Processing Viewer

Output Formats

CSV – Comma Separated Value, HTML, Image, PDF, Report, Spreadsheet, Word Document / Richtext

Works with

Peachtree, Sage 50


DSStudio Viewer Version 2.0 or greater

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