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Setup and configuration of DSStudio Viewer.

Install DSStudio Viewer

How to install DSStudio Viewer. DSStudio is required to execute your reports, exports, and other objects.  It only needs to be installed once on your computer. When you purchase a DSStudio Report you will be prompted to include the DSStudio Viewer.  Add it to your...

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Options and Settings

In the lower left-hand corner of DSStudio Viewer lives the Options / Setting Menu. Add Report Adds a report from a different location.  Select this option to copy a report from a different drive or folder.  Add Report support 3 file types: .REPX, .DSSX, and .ZIP. ...

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Stored Connections

Stored Connections allows you simply assign a connection to a report or output. Stored Connections store the User ID and Password in plain view.  They are a security risk and are not recommended for sensitive data or logins that provide open...

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DBQ Names – Pervasive / Actian

Using Pervasive / Actian DSNs and ODBC with DSStudio What is a DBQ Name? A DBQ name is an alias to a database location.  You can set up a DBQ name that can be reused with DSStudio.  Once it is set up you can select it and enter your User ID and Password to make the...

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DSStudio Viewer Program Options

Changing DSStudio Viewer Program Settings There are a number of options that can be configured for DSStudio Viewer. Items Include System Alerts Barcode Scanning Sounds Multiple selecting options Enable Touch for touch devices Report Location Data Connection Locations...

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Email Setup and Configuration

You can setup DSStudio Viewer to directly send emails from reports and exports.   This feature requires you have to access to an SMPT Server. The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is a communication protocol for electronic mail transmission and is provided by either your...

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Selections Options for Lookups

Multiple Selections for Lookups and Selection Parameters Parameter lookup dialog have two different ways of selecting a single, a range, or multiple items.  There are two different methods available for you to use. CheckBoxes Mouse Drag To set which option you would...

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Sage 50 and Peachtree Accounting Data Services

Data Recovery

Sage 50 US and Peachtree Accounting Data File Repair Service.

 Fiscal Period Change

Change the fiscal period time for a Sage 50 or Peachtree Accounting Company.

Data Transition

Many data-related services, which include: Sage 50 Product Downgrade, Quote Removal Service, Failed Fiscal Year Close Fix, and bulk change inventory item costing.

Purge Service

Data Purging Service for Sage 50 and Peachtree Accounting.  Reduce file size increase program speed.

Sage 50 Shell Company

Rebuild your Sage 50 / Peachtree Company in half the time.

Sage 50 Quote Stripping

Unable to import transactions into a new company.  The quote ” maybe getting in your way.