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Report Dictionary Storage

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DSStudio Report Dictionary

The Report Dictionary Storage is an area for report settings.

Different reports may have different dictionary items depending upon the report’s needs.

Dictionary items may contain toggle flags that turn on and off features.  Used to store account numbers, bank routing numbers, etc.

It is important not to change the predefined name.    If the name is changed the report, output, or feature will cease to function.

The Report Dictionary Storage can be found on the Property Tab of the Report Designer or in the Report Settings in the Storage area.

Table of Contents

Sage 50 and Peachtree Accounting Data Services

Data Recovery

Sage 50 US and Peachtree Accounting Data File Repair Service.

 Fiscal Period Change

Change the fiscal period time for a Sage 50 or Peachtree Accounting Company.

Purge Service

Data Purging Service for Sage 50 and Peachtree Accounting.  Reduce file size increase program speed.

Data Transition

Many data-related services, which includes: Sage 50 Product Downgrade, Quote Removal Service, Failed Fiscal Year Close Fix, and bulk change inventory item costing.

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