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In the lower left-hand corner of DSStudio Viewer lives the Options / Setting Menu.

DSStudio Viewer Options / Settings Menu

Add Report

Adds a report from a different location.  Select this option to copy a report from a different drive or folder.  Add Report support 3 file types: .REPX, .DSSX, and .ZIP. 

Other Reports

All you to execute a report from a different location other than your report directory.  You also have the ability to edit the report. See Screen

Download Report

You can download a report from a Web URL and the report will be placed in the Report Folder. Optional User Name and Password area if needed. See Screen

Saved Connections

Saved Connections are for quick and easy use of data connections.  More Information

Sage 50 DBQ Grid

Shows DBQ Names and Data Locations.  You also have the ability to delete DBQ Names.  More Information

Sage 50 DBQ Create

The ability to Create DBQ Names for Sage 50, Peachtree Accounting, Pervasive, and Actian Database Connections.  Also provides the ability to create a Stored/Saved Connection.  More Information

Browse Report Folder

Opens a File Explorer Window to your Report Folder.

Program Settings

Changes the default options for DSStudio Viewer.  More Information.

Install Fonts

Install various Fonts used by DSStudio.  You may need administrator rights to use this option.  This is optional as most reports requiring special font will be included with your purchase.

Check for Update

Will check and install an update to DSStudio if available.

About this Program

Display an About Window with program version information.


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